You are a snowman on your way to the north pole in the middle of July, and suddenly you end up falling out and landing in Arizona. In the middle of July, during Summer! Sorry man! Gather as many ice cubes and lemonade drinks as you can to delay your transformation into a puddle of water!!

A major tip - Don’t leave out the Lemonade Stands! They work as checkpoints AND as a way to buy an ICE COLD drink!


  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • Space Jump
  • X - Buy Lemonade from a Lemonade Stand

Background Music -

Sound Effects -

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TagsEndless, Ludum Dare 50, snowman
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98 seconds. Hell yeah 8-)
This game is pretty fun! The physics feel good, the snowman is cool as heck, and the song is a stone-cold bop! Good job!

Loved it! I especially love the decision to give the snowman a proper walking animation. Convention would allow you to get away with no animation (and let leave the player to assume the snowman is simply rolling on its largest ball), but the walk cycle is such a delightful surprise.

This comment made putting up with animating the snowman's "legs" entirely worth it.

I was worried I had committed to a joke that few would notice, much less appreciate! :)

What a cool concept! There might be a bug with the level generation, sometimes the ground is too low to be seen except for a sliver of gray. The music and tone is cheerful though and the game is short enough not to linger on the bug.

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"Cool" concept. Nice.