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Nice job with the game design, sound effects, and animation! Its satisfying cleaning everything up, and it was difficult enough that I didn't get it all the first day which feels fair. The edge cases get cleaned up by each day cycle too which is nice.

A couple details I would be interested in seeing in the future:

Trash Bag Weight: Does the trash bag's fullness do anything, except limiting how much it can hold? I seemed to always run at full speed even when carrying something, and I would have more incentive to throw trash bags all the time if it helped me run faster. Then if there were more places to dump trash, I could aim at those places too if that is something you want to do with your game design.

Less Broom Teleportation: I can drop a broom on the other side of a wall, then not be able to pick it up without walking around the wall, which was kind of funny.

Infinite Doorway: Lastly, the front entrance does not have an invisible wall, so you can throw trash bags to fly off-screen, or drop your broom out of reach, which fixes itself on the next day's reset. This could also turn into a feature if you want to add windows to throw trash bags outside of the building in different ways.

I've never had this much fun cleaning!