A towering climb!


Left and Right arrow keys - Move
X - Jump
Enter - Start game.

The team

TwistedHawk - Developer
- Pixel artist
- Sound designer

All of us - Game design, Level design

Welcome to the tower. This is a towering climb!

You have to climb up a tower. What lies in the summit? Why climbing this tower? The reason is up to you. However, be warned! The first levels are safe, but the more you climb the less it becomes stable. You might experience a change in the speed, more and more slippery controls, gravity affecting your ability to jump and more. Keep the control, stay calm, stay stable and everything will be fine!

Which floor will you be able to reach?

This game has been made for the Ludum Dare 49, with the "unstable" theme.


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Super agréable à jouer, j'ai même réussi à le finir !! Les mécaniques sont simples et funs à jouer, la musique ultra sympa, et le visuel est cool. Bravo à toute l'équipe :) 

Merci Solenne ! Ca fait plaisir !


I will never, ever, ever be good at playing a platformer with a keyboard. That being said, I had fun for the 3 levels I could actually play :)

Very impressive. GameJams are so intimidating me to. Congrats on completing yet another one. I envy you